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Legal note: standard terms and conditions, data protection notes, imprint, contact details Securing of capital contributions: All customer accounts and depots traded via our platform TWS4 are kept and maintained by Interactive Brokers LLC, located in the U.S.A. All securities accounts of our customers are protected up to an amount of 30 million US$ (including up to 1 million US$ for cash deposits). The market value of shares, options, warrant issues, bond issues and cash deposits in any currency is protected by this insurance. Securities customer accounts are protected at Interactive Brokers LLC through 'SIPC' (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) with a maximum cover of US$ 500,000 (including US$ 250,000 for cash deposits). Under the Interactive Brokers LLC's Excess SIPC Policy customers are additionally insured by the insurance company Lloyd's of London with an additional amount of US$ 30 million (including US$ 900,000 for cash deposits). This maximum amount is part of an overall insurance cover of US$ 150 million. Futures and options relating to futures are not covered. Like is the case with any securities companies, this insurance does only refer to failure of the broker dealer. Losses due to trade or decrease in value relating to securities are not covered. For the purpose of determining of a customer account, accounts in the same name and of the same type (e.g. individual account Anton and Mia Schulz, and individual account Anton und Mia Schulz) are combined. Accounts of different types (e.g. individual account Mike Muster and IRA account Mike Muster) will not be combined. Securing of capital contributions of private customers: All customers are automatically categorized as retail customers/private customers, and the customer is notified of it in the first confirmation of opening of accounts sent to him. For regulated financial service providers exist strict rules for protection of capital contribution of private customers. Customer’s funds of private customers are secured as follows: Separately kept capital contributions: In accordance with the rules applicable to customer’s funds it reads: „A company has to warrant that any deposited customer’s funds are kept in a central bank separately from other accounts“. Your capital will be deposited in separate bank accounts, maintained by Barclays Bank. This process is regularly monitored by chartered accountants/auditors. Liability roof note: German Investors 500 GmbH (BaFin Nr. 80155676) works in the field of investment placement as a bound agent in the meaning of § 2 (10) sentence 1 of the KWG [= German Act on Banking and Credit Business] solely on behalf of and subject to liability of NFS Netfonds Financial Service GmbH Süderstraße 30, 20097 Hamburg, Deutschland. 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Since   01/01/2009,   withholding   tax   is   applicable   in   Germany.   This   tax   is   being   deducted   as   PAYE-tax   relating   to   capital   yields   directly   by   a   banking   institution,   and   is   being   paid anonymously.   Taxation   is   made   relating   to   capital   investments,   such   as   interest   yield,   dividends   and   market   rate   profits   relating   to   securities.   This   includes   shares   as   well   as fund-units,   bond   issues   and   subscription   warrants.   Tax   calculation   is   made   basing   on   a   fixed   tax-rate   of   25   %   plus   solidarity   surcharge   (5.5   %   of   withholding   tax),   and   church tax, if applicable (8 or 9 % of withholding tax) which is independent of the personal tax-rate of a debtor. The   Federal   Republic   of   Germany   closed   double-taxation   treaties   with   many   countries.   Accordingly,   the   specific   contents   can   be   different   for   almost   each   country.   In   some countries,   withholding   tax   and   PAYE-tax   are   also   deducted   and   paid   which   can   be   set-off,   partly   or   wholly.   German   withholding   tax   is   not   being   levied   abroad.   A   person   liable to pay tax is responsible himself for subsequently reporting any income to local tax authorities for taxation purposes. For   depot   accounts   which   are   opened   via   GI500,   withholding   tax   is   not   deducted.   The   customer   himself   has   to   include   it   in   his   annual   tax   return   by   attaching   a   transaction report.   As   a   result,   any   accumulated   speculation   profits   are   available   for   re-investment   during   the   entire   year.   This   provides   a   clear   advantage   compared   to   depot   accounts which are maintained by a house bank. Thus,   profits   can   be   set-off   against   losses.   However,   you   have   to   take   into   account   that   each   asset   class   is   calculated   separately.   Accordingly,   profits   from   share   transactions can   only   be   set-off   against   losses   incurred   by   sale   of   shares.   Losses   incurred   through   Forex   transactions   can,   however,   be   set-off   against   any   other   positive   capital   yield,   e.g. interest and dividends. If you have further questions, please contact your tax consultant. Information about your financial structure can be found in real-time in your depot.
Withholding Tax
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